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Bits N Pieces - A Disjointed Bahamian Novel - D18

(2:42 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

Well, gentle reader, another day, another dollar as they say. Now who exactly they are is another matter entirely.

Why use one word when three will do.

And when it comes to National Novel Writing Month, why use one word NaNoWriMo when four will do. Well, NaNoWriMo is not exactly a word now is it. National Novel Writing Month is four words though. Truth, not truthiness.

(2:49 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

A slow and inauspicious beginning to the writing day today but perhaps with dogged determination and a bit of good luck, things may just improve.

Once again we shall try for at least three thousand words and really more like four thousand words if we can. This should prove a bit more difficult today as a result of the later start and my general feelings of lethargy and lugginess.

Still, with that oft repeated strategy of putting down first one word and then another, we can slowly amass a quantity of words which can be counted. And no hanging chads in sight.

How thankful I was that we had no hanging chads this year, that may have proved too distracting by for for my NaNo efforts. Wait! For my National Novel Writing Month efforts. There! Much better!


Fulcrum woke up late and with a pounding headache. He woke up in the bright sun on the dock with no "Lady Love" beside it. He sat up and blinked in the sun and ran his fingers through his tangled hair.

Someone laughed from the stern of another smack boat tied up further out on the dock, "Your head looks like chicken boongy!"

Fulcrum squinted and looked to see Joshua sitting on a deck chair and smoking a pipe and reading the paper.

"What are you laughing at my friend?"

"You and your late ways. Didn't you want to get to 'Briland this morning? Well, you already missed the morning ferry! I don't know how you managed to not wake up when they tried to rouse you. Or when they put you off the "Lady Love" and pulled out. That was a racket. And sleeping for hours in this sun... I tell you what, you must be a sleeping champion somewhere for sure."

Fulcrum groaned, "Ow my head."

Joshua laughed and got up. He went into the boat for s short time and emerged with a glass of something in his hand. He hopped on to the dock and made his way over to Fulcrum. He squatted next to Fulcrum and held out his hand palm up showing two small red pills, "Here, thake these and drink them down with the whole glass of water. They should make your head feel better."

Fulcrum was hurting enough that he did not question what he was about to ingest as he normally would. He just took the proffered pills and water and did as instructed.

"That's good. Man you are in some sorry state."

"So, I missed the ferry? I need to find a way to get to Harbour Islands today. Can you help me?"

"Tell you what. I will run you around if you will buy us lunch once we get there."

Fulcrum felt in his pockets and was happy to find that he still had some wadded up bills in his left pocket that he had taken from Sarah's purse before leaving Nassau, "I should be able to manage that, you have a deal my friend."

(3:18 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)


You don't know where you are going
You don't know what you are doing
You don't know but I am leaving you

I need things that you aint giving
I need things for better living
I need freedom so I'm leaving you


She's wearing a low cut dress and high top sneakers


That girl is alright
She's the best I've ever seen
That girl is alright
Low cut dress and green

She come from the bayou
Now she's living in the islands
She come from the bayou
Now everyday she spends just styling


She took me somewhere
Showed me something special
Whispered in the night time
Left me stuck all alone

She said she loved me
Showed me secret things
Whispered like a small wave
Breaking on the shore

I need a woman
Who will love me for myself
Never leave me lonely
Always give me more


(3:43 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

Well gentle reader, I am down, way down, tired beyond what I have the energy to describe right now. How am I to do this today? Can you think of any way to help me? If so, send me an email or IM me please. I need ideas to help me succeed!


Dear June,

it has been a while since I last wrote. I have been thinking of you at least a little each day despite that. I have been caught up mostly with other thoughts though.

Fuller is gone. How can I go on? There is an emptiness in my heart now and I am cold all the time. Cold inside.

When I woke up this morning, my pillow was stiff with salt residue. What shall I do?

I have always felt a kinship with you as I have said before but it seems that lately, events in my life are conspiring to give me a first hand understanding of your life so long ago. And I must be honest and tell you that, no matter how much I care for you, I do not wish to know your life so well in this way. I am sorry if that sounds selfish. But that is the truth.

He left no note. I woke up to a silent and empty house and my heart knew right away that my deepest fears were stalking me.

I hope that by writing you I may get some fresh ideas on how to find Fuller and bring him back safe to me arms.

Your friend,



(3:56 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

Well gentle reader, that is the first thousand down but it has taken over an hour and I feel the next thousand will be much harder and I feel a bout of procrastination coming on.


(4:10 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

How can I fight that procrastination today? How can I find some energy? How can I get out of this funk? Escape these writing doldrums and get into the literary trade winds that can waft me quickly to me desired destination? Well, any destination sufficiently far from here word count wise would do just fine.

I can't deal with one of those can't get there from here situations at this time though. Now in the least. I need help gentle reader, help I tell you!


Sarah finished her letter to June and then put it on a ceramic plate and lit it on fire. When it had burned completely, she took it outside and blew it off the plate into the air, setting the ashes free on the wind. This was how she mailed all of her letter to June.

(4:32 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)


Annnnnnd.... It's not working. My anti procrastination efforts are falling woefully short.


Sarah went back inside and sat down in the home studio that she and Fuller had put in two years ago.

She had to do something to try and get into a positive frame of mind. Perhaps working on a little music might help.

She turned everything on, and logged in. She brought up qjackctl and then ardour and loaded up a project she was working on and then went blank. Completely blank. totally and utterly blank. Pitch black, dead of night blank. Nada. Nothing. Wiped clean blank.

She got up and went to the kitchen and opened the freezer. She reached way in the back to where she kept some of her special chocolate frozen for emergency occasions.

She walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch, reaching over to pick up the remote before leaning back and turning one the television. She switched over to the guide channel and switched into veg mode as she popped a piece of frozen chocolate into her mouth.


(4:42 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

Hey, I know gentle reader, I need a bailout. Yeah, that's it. A temporal bailout! Nothing so mundane as a monetary bailout, what I need is to be given some extra time to make up for all the time I wasted! Wow! Now that is an exciting concept! Where can I go for such a bailout? Washington? They seem to be trying very hard to become the bailout masters right about now. I wonder if they migh be interested in expanding into temporal bailouts?

(4:50 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

OK, so I just fed the dogs and took a short walk out in the back yard to look at my jujube tree. It is loaded but none are ready to eat yet. Way too small and green. Bummer!

And now I am back inside, sitting at my desk, desperately trying to write. Anything. Anything at all.


Sarah spent an hour or more in front of the television. Watching nothing that she could later remember. She wished she and Fuller would just get rid of the thing. There was so seldom anything worth watching on and yet it seemed to suck them both into its time pit. Productive hours pouring, spinning down a virtual kitchen sink drain of time.

When she finally came up from her deep daze, all of her chocolate was gone and her stomach hurt.

"Sarah, get a hold of yourself!" she said out loud, "You have to get your act together and make some forward progress. Do something positive."

She went to the bedroom and changed in to her running clothes and grabbed up her running shoes. She went to the front door and sat down with her back against the door frame and pulled on her shoes and then tied the laces. She stood up, closed and locked the door and then walked out ot the street to try and run off some of the funk she was in.


(5:12 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

(5:22 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

Now, now, gentle reader, I can't have any of that from myself, can you help me with this little problem?


Sarah was three miles in to her run when sh finally started to feel a tiny bit better.


I got the waiting on the telephone blues
I got the waiting on the telephone blues

I keep checking out my display
But it's always line in use
But I got to make this phone call
is there nothing I can do

I got the waiting on the telephone blues
I got the waiting on the telephone blues


Joshua and Fulcrum got into the open cockpit fisherman and headed out from the dock. After getting out in to the open, Joshua opened her up and she jumped up onto a plane. Fulcrum was amazed by the speed! Imagine what could be done with speed like this on a pirate voyage!

His spirits soared in the wind and he started to sing... Joshua joined in...

It's a pirate that I be
And I sail upon the sea
And the fathers and the mothers
And the brothers of the damsels
They are all afeared of me
Cause when the damsels I do see
And when the damsels they see me
There is no hope left
Their hearts are for my chest
A treasure fair reserved for me

"Man, I knew I knew you from somewhere! You are that guy in that band down in Nassau! I saw you last year!"

"That's not me. I must look like that guy though, other people mistake me for him too."

"You sure that's not you?"

"Definately not me. I am sure."


(5:59 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

As she ran, Sarah sang a song that kept running through her head...

Well I got me some new, time to kill
Got it from a man just over the hill
I'll take it and grind it
Down at the mill
Yes I got me some new, time to kill

Well I got me some fresh, time to waste
I'll waste it on you baby out on a date
Yeah I'll pick you up at seven
Or maybe at eight
Yes I got me some fresh, time to waste

I got me some extra, hours to burn
Light em up bright baby, never learn
Sparkling stride baby
Smooth groove turns
Yes I got me some extra, hours to burn

Well I sold him some new, time to kill
Don't need it no more, just went over the hill
Let him take it and grind it
Down at the mill
Yes, he's got him some new, time to kill.

She started to cry, tears running down her cheeks as she ran.

What would she do without Fuller? She decided to head back home and see if she could make any headway into finding out where he had gone. Her friend on the police force had told her that he would ask around as best he could but that there had been no reports of anyone turning up dead or injured. That at least was something.


(6:08 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

(6:37 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

And so we see more time slip away. And so gentle reader, we must add word to word and march on.


When Fulcrum and Joshua pulled in to the government dock on Harbour Island, Fulcrum jumped on to the concrete pier and whooped, his face cracking in to a wide smile.

"You seem mighty happy to be here Fulcrum. This your long lost childhood home?"

"I guess you could say something like that," grinned Fulcrum. "Let's go eat."

"Since you're buying, I know this place over by the norht beach that has some nice food and is not shy with their prices."

"Not a problem my good man and thank you for the ride."

They walked in off the dock and Fulcrum took a left. "Hey, that is not the way to the restaurant," said Joshua. "Come with me, I will show you where it is."

"I would like to wander around some before we head there if you don't mind too much. No more than a few minutes I figure. Is that OK with you?"

"Well, that is OK I guess, I though you were the one who wanted to go eat right away. Are you sure the trip over didn't rattle your brain?"

"Shake up me mind
Rattle me brain"

"I remember that song. You sure you are not that singer dude? You look just like him. And you sound like him too, especially when you sing that pirate song."

"Not me."

They walked along and Fulcrum took in the town. Things were strange, sure, but some of the streets where where he remembered if not as he remembered. They passed his captain's lady's house and his heart skipped a beat. There was the oven in the yard. What would he find at the green-eyed lady's place?

Well, the street still passed by the lot where her house used to be but the house was not there any longer. Oh, there was a house there, but it was not the same house at all, and it was not even on the same part of the lot as her house had been.

Fulcrum slowed down to a crawl as he passed by the place. A choked sob tried to escape his throat but he forced it back down deep inside.

(7:20 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

"Are you OK Fulcrum?"

"Yes, just some old memories coming back to me. It was so long ago though. Almost like another life."


I'm going to a place
Where the past is free to roam
Where no one knows my face
And I can find a home
I want wide open spaces
Cause I'm weary to the bone
So I'm seeking out a place
Where the past is free to roam


i really think it's raining sunshine baby
somewhere deep inside my heart
i really think that i could love you baby
if you would just make the start

i really really think i want you baby
somewhere by the ocean tonight
and you would really really love it baby
and you could be my true delight

i'd take you to see ah places baby
places that we'd never been
and if you'd walk right here beside me baby
i'd show you through a young man's dream


Songs for life. Fulcrum followed Joshua to the restaurant and they made their way through to the verandah overlooking the wide expanse of beach and the blue ocean. When they sat down the owner brought them menus and asked for theri drink orders.

(7:34 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

Their drinks came and they placed their lunch orders, Joshua did not hold back. Fulcrum decided to follow his example and ordered up a storm.

When the food came, Joshue tucked in. By that time though, Fulcrum was lost in thought. He ate, but just pick pick. His mind was elsewhere. Truth be told, his mind was really eslewhen.


(7:42 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

And so gentle reader, we are getting fairly close to the three thousand word mark and I need to kick it up a notch in speed even if I let what little quality there may be slip lower. And I really doubt I will go much beyond the mark tonight. My eyes just hurt too much.


Fulcrum's mind flashed a memory that surprised him. As he looked down the beach, he remembered where he had hidden a small stash of private loot for safe keeping. Could it possibly still be there after all these years? The thought caused his blood to race. His breathing quickened.


And that's it gentle reader. I am going to quit now but leave my machine running in case I decide to try and write a bit more later tonight.


(7:48 pm Tue Nov 18, 2008)

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