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Bits N Pieces - A Disjointed Bahamian Novel - D09

(9:47 am Sun Nov 09, 2008)

Ah gentle reader, good morning and welcome to the tar pit.

Is that too negative for so early in the morning?

Welcome gentle reader, it's going to be a great day! Sit back and hold on for the ride!

How's that? Better?

(10:22 am Sun Nov 09, 2008)

Yeah, right! Look how good it is going so far... Oh well, at least I got a little joy on the music front yesterday and this morning. Someone on ccMixter did a mix of "There's A Girl" which sounds OK to me.


Jaro woke up on the floor in Teniqua's front room. He heard the shower running down the hall and Teniqua singing in the shower. He stretched like a cat and grimaced. How had he gotten here? He must have pushed too many things too far last night. That was not like him. Life seemed to want to come apart lately. He would have to watch himself. The rock and roll lifestyle was one thing, but he had plans and dreams for his future and he did not want to miss out on them while enjoying himself in the here and now.

(11:07 am Sun Nov 09, 2008)


Slippery time, greased up like some pole on a holiday, making the climb to tow thousand words seem like some lofty mountain in a far off land. Of course, not if you are living in a far off land of lofty mountains. But I don't live in such a place. I live in a land where the highest mountain is well under five hundred feet in elevation. Cat Island has Mt. Alvernia at 206 feet or thereabouts, I have seen various numbers in that range. And on my island it is more like just over one hundred and twenty feet. My nose bleeds just thinking about such lofty heights.

Surely we must easily trounce a few countries. Care to send me an email after doing some research?

You might start here:

(11:23 am Sun Nov 09, 2008)

See how easy it is to waste precious writing time?


Teniqua came out of the bathroom dressed in a number of towels of differing sizes. She started to come down the hall towards Jaro but then noticed that he was awake, "Hey, I thought you would still be sleeping," she sputtered, turning and heading the other way down the hall to her room.

"She lookin good from da front an from behind!" called out Jaro laughing.

She went into her room and lightly slammed the door behind her before calling out, "You best behave yourself or I will be throwing you out in the yard soon ta reckley."

Jaro laughed again and got up and went to the kitchen and opened up her fridge. He poked around in there for a while not finding anything too tempting and decided to check out the cupboards.

That proved more rewarding. He pulled out two cans of tuna and a bag of grits.

He put some grits on the stove to cook and then grabbed a cutting board that was leaning against the wall and lay it flat on the counter by the sink. He grabbed an onion from a bowl on the counter and peeled it and diced it up with a large knife he got from a drawer.

(12:53 pm Sun Nov 09, 2008)

He remembered seeing some sweet peppers in the veggie drawer in the fridge so he got one out and chopped it up too.

He opened and drained the cans of tuna and emptied the meat out into a large bowl and mashed it up thouroughly with a fork. Then he got some mayo out of the fridge and spooned some over the fish in the bowl. He mashed the mayo up well into the meat and then dumped in the onions and sweet peppers and mixed than in well too.

Then he went back to the fridge for some mustard and mixed in a little bit of that. After that, he grabbed a sour orange and a few natinve limes and cut them in hald and squeezed them over the whole mix and mashed the whole thing thouroughly again.

"Hey Taniqua, your pepper tree hae anything on it still?" he called out.

"I think so, why?"

"I am making some tuna and grits." he called out, heading to the kitchen door to go outside and pick some bird peppers off her tree.

When he came back in, he chopped up a few peppers very fine and added them in to the mix and did one final fork mashing and stirring before covering the bowl and putting it in to the fridge to cool down.

He saw his backpack over by the door and went and got out Packet In's first album out and put it in Taniqua's CD player. He went and plopped down on the couch to enjoy the music. He realised that it was high time he got an album with hiw work out in the world to see what it did. He would have to press Fuller and Sarah a bit harder or find some other way to get something done and released.

(2:04 pm Sun Nov 09, 2008)

Taniqua came out looking beautiful and sat down next to him on the couch. "What do you see int his type of music Jaro?"

"I just like it is all. It just feel right to me. It fits with who I am."

She sighed, "Well, I try. So, what do you want to do today? Want to go to the beach?"

"That sounds like a plan."

(2:25 pm Sun Nov 09, 2008)


(3:19 pm Sun Nov 09, 2008)

Well gentle reader, I needed to go out for a little exercise to try and get some blood and oxygen pumping to my brain and perhaps get some ideas pumping out of my brain and down to my fingers.

What in the world is it going to take for me to really get unleashed this year? Is it going to happen? Are you tired of hearning me beef yet gentle reader? If so, I am not sure I can help you. I will try but sometimes beefing like this is what it takes to get me unstuck. I will try and take all the excess beefing out if I get to edit end rewrite time.

Since this effort once again is going out under a copyleft style Free license, you are free to do your own cleaned up version gentle reader.

(3:24 pm Sun Nov 09, 2008)

(5:15 pm Sun Nov 09, 2008)

They ended up at at the beach out by Orange Hill. There weren't a lot of people when they got there. They unpacked the car and carried their blankets and picnic basket and other beach gear to a location with some shade and set up for the day.

Jaro took out the grits and spooned some out into bowls for each of them and passed Taniqua hers she took up some tuna and sliced up a pear and squeezed some lime over it before pouring some old sour on it and shaking on some salt and pepper. She passed some over to Jaro and then tucked in to her breakfast.

Jaro laughed, "Breakfast on the beach huh? It is a nice idea but now my grits aren't runny enough."

Taniqua jammed her elbow into his side almost spilling his food out onto the sand, "Shut up and eat your food before it gets cold. And stop complaining unless you want to be left here alone to find your own way back."

They finished their food in silence, looking out to sea and dreaming salty day dreams. Finally Jaro put down his empty plate, "That was good. The pear was perfect, I am glad you thought to bring it. You want to go out fishing with me some day this week?"

"Go out fishing? What, we are going to go sit on some rocks somewhere or stand on a beach somewhere, or worse even, go stand in the water somewhere and throw out a line and catch some fish? I don't think like any of that appeals to me."

"Nah, a friend of mine just picked up a used boat for a good price over in Abaco and had some friends bring it down last week. So, we have a boat to go out in and we won't have to fish from the rocks. So what do you say?"

"I'll think about it. You think this storm will still be causing trouble next week?"

"It's supposed to be pretty much gone I think but we can see what things look like when the time comes."

(7:03 pm Sun Nov 09, 2008)

"OK then, you want to go for a swim?"

"Are you crazy girl? You know that water is cold! I didn't bring a wet suit."

"Well, I am going in for a quick dip, you can come if you like." She got up and took off her shorts and shirt and kicked off her flops and ran down to the water and jumped in.

She came up hard, "Yaaaaa! Cooooollllld!" She dove back in head first and began a vigourous crawl down the shore to warm up some.

"You are crazy girl!" yelled out Jaro knowing she would likely not hear him but enjoying himself in any case.

"Who's that making so much noise?"

Jaro looked around, Fuller and Sarah were walking towards him. "What are you two doing out this way?" he called in surprise.

"I figured some fresh air might help Fuller and I wanted to talk to you some more and maybe finish up what we started in the club the other day," said Sarah.

Fuller walked up and sat down, "Hey there."

"Hey Fuller, good to see you."

Fulcrum still hadn't adjusted fully to being called Fuller but he wasn't letting on how jarring it was to him as much as at first. How long was he to be stuck in this strange world? What had brought him here and how could he get back?

"Whose that swimming there Jaro?" asked Sarah.


"Jaro, how many times do I have to tell you, that girl is no good for you? And you say so yourself. Why do you keep hanging around with her? Every time you do she brings you down," said Sarah.

"I don't know Sarah. Maybe she is just more alive than most people I know. Maybe she is just more into her music than anyone I know and I want to be more like that. She is just so devoted to her craft. Our band needs to be more like that! What do you say Fuller? You know it is true!"

Fuller didn't know what to say and hesitated. Sarah jumped right in, "She been asking you to drop us and join her band again Jaro?"

"Yes, she always asks me to join up with them."

"See! That girl is trouble! She just wants to break up our band!"

"Sarah! That is just not fair. She likes me. She knows I am not totally happy with out progress as a band and she wants me to play for them. Sure. But not because she wants to break us up. It is because she wants me in her band. There is a difference."

"Difference, smifference! The outcome will be the same if she has her way. She will have broken up our band."

"Well, that's sort of true, but she is not going to get her way is she!" said Jaro.

"I won't let some... Wait! What did you say?"

"I said, she won't get her way now will she. They are never going to do rock and they are especially never going to do country and so I am never going to join them. I think I may like to play a gig or two with them once in a while, but I can't be in a band like that fll time and exclusively."

"Well, you better not!"

"The thing is Sarah, Fuller... I am a bit bummed. I find myself wishing I could find another band interested in our type of stuff, one that is more into music and not their day jobs. Well, really, I wish that other band was a different us, but if it is not going to be a different us..."

(8:23 pm Sun Nov 09, 2008)

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