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Bits N Pieces - A Disjointed Bahamian Novel - D21

(1:55 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

Got to try and make a start but it will require a level of multi tasking that may be beyond what I can manage at the moment.

So, welcome to another day gentle reader. Come right in to our little virtual world and make yourself at home. You know where things are.

I am trying to listen to Free Music to see what I might want to include in a new show I am working on trying to put together.

Listening takes a lot of time.

(2:08 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

Getting side tracked with the music listening stuff. Got. To. Con. Cen. Trate.

Must. Con. Cen. Trate.

Struggle. Must. Leave. Soon. Trouble. Write. Ers. Block. Help!

(2:14 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)


Hey baby wow
Come and give me your love
Baby I need it all
Don't turn me around

Take me down to the shore
Baby show me the score
No don't you hold back
Just show me some more


(2:18 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

(2:30 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

Just a word or two to whisper in your ear
Take me down to the sea shore ever clear
Show me things I'd never want to hear
Blackend sunshine dripping with bright fear


You see it is like this gentle reader. I have a Nassau post wedding reception reception to go to tonight. This reception will likely result in my missing band practice tonight. But before that, I have to do a school pick up run for my son. And then a choir drop off run. And then a dash home before the really bad traffic run. (If I am lucky, otherwise it will be a crawl home through said traffic run.) So, it is going to be difficult to get to the quota today. But I need to some how. Why? Well, because tomorrow needs to be a catch up day. Say four thousand words at least! And while that should normally be possible, I need to go in to work in the morning and then the band is playing in Lyford Cay tomorrow night and I need to go along to record things and so it will not be a normal weekend day tomorrow. A double day will be tough. So a double plus to make up for less of a day today will be even more difficult.

Hopefully that is clear.

(2:37 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

Got. To. Leave. On. School. Run. Now... Later gentle reader.

(2:45 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

(4:40 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)


Sitting in a yellow room
A black pen in my hand
Looking in my empty mind
For the words I cannot find

My son is sitting on my leg
I love him oh so much
I'd like to hear him sing a song
Then would my smile last oh so long


I used to think I had a plan
For how I'd live my life
A job, a car, a bank account
And then a lovely wife
A year or two and then some kids
I'd love with all my heart

But life it seems
Had other plans
And other paths for me
I thought I'd live it on the land
But I've spent it out at sea


Fulcrum let the sail down as the sloop pulled in to the dock. He had spent the day out on the water crewing for a couple down in the islands for the winter. He had heard them asking around in the morning for a local guid and he figured he needed some money as he was likely to run out soon unless he found his cache.

It had been an enjoyable day out on the water, sailing along with no where in particular to go and nothing particular to do. Fulcrum figured he could get used to this sort fo life if he wasn't careful.

When he had spoken up, he had counted on the waters not having changed too much in the hundreds of years since he had sailed them, or at least in the skills he had aquired in his other life still being useful in keeping out of trouble.

Things had changed enough that he was lucky that the skills were still workable.


(4:56 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

(5:15 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

She said she loved me
You know that she lied
She wanted my money
She took my hide

She said she'd give me
All of her heart
She said to trust her
That she'd do her part

I tried to give her
All that I had
She took that and more yeah
Man that one was bad


Sarah woke up in a sleeping bag on the beach down in Vero. Juts south of where 60 came across the state.


I think I am going to need to move this above the Fulcrum opening for the day gentle reader.


She stretched and smiled at the rising sun and the pelicans fishing for their breakfast. How she loved those birds. She often wished more would visit Nassau.

She watched as a lone beach comber with a metal detector making his way south along the beach. He stopped and dug his scoop into the sand and carried it down to the water to rinse the sand out through the holes.

He soon let out a holler and went whooping and running around in a circle celebrating some exciting find.

Sarah stood up and decided to go down and see what it was that he had found.

(5:29 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

As she got closer she called out, "Morning, looks like you found something exciting. What is it."

He stopped his celebration and looked her in the eye, suddenly reticent, "Just a little something."

"You were mighty excited there over a little something."

Now he got a bit biligerant, "So! I am easily excited. And what business is it of yours any way?"

"It is none of my business at all. It is just that I like beach combing myself and have found a thing or two in my time. From how excited you just were, I would guess you just found an old gold coin or a piece of valuable jewelry. So, what is it, a doubloon?"

He put something into a bag on his hip and picked up his gear and walked off back the way he had come, calling over his shoulder, "Nice try, but like I said, it's none of your business."

(5:46 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

Well, that was that. It mush have been something mighty interesting for him to react like that. Either that or she had missed his tin foil hat. She turned to head back to her sleeping bag when she had a bit of a wild idea. What if?

She went back to where he had dug out his find and got down on her knees and started digging in the sand with her hands.

It took her a while but her wild idea panned out. She found a half of a gold doubloon. She probably had been right. She looked over her shoulder and saw the beach comber walking back her way at a brisk pace shouting at her to stop. She smiled and decided to avoid a confrontation and stood up and headed back to her stuff and grabbed ti up in her arms and trotted over the dune to her car.

She threw her stuff on the trunk and jumped in and pulled off, heading to route 60 and heading west in a hurry.


(5:56 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

Well gentle reader, I never thought I would make this much progress when I sat down to write today. Mind you, I am still way short and I am feeling a little pain in the back of my left hand, but I am doing better than I expected.

I just got a call a while ago and I am missing band practice right now though. That is a pain.

I feel like I will be able to get to two thousand at least unless we get the No Voltage Blues before midnight. Hopefully that will not be a problem. We shall see.


"Here Fulcram," said his new employer, handing him his pay, "it was a pleasure sailing with you today, I hope you can make it tomorrow too."

"I should be able to and will plan on it. About ten o'clock then?"

"Ten sounds good, we don't want to push ourselves. we are down here to take it easy after all."

Fulcrum took the bills and counted them as he walked away down the dock leaving the couple on board.


(6:05 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

(6:44 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

Well gentle reader, I had thought to be done with this little effort until after the do tonight, but I find I have a few minutes and will try to get a leg up and perhaps find a way to do three thousand complete and countable words before the stroke of midnight. And never you mind about any oasis. Or a ship of Tom foolery. That is neither here nor there and should not concern you. And never you mind if it concerns me. That is information that I need to keep close to the chest as it were. Perhaps even in the chest?

In which chest? Never you mind about that either. Who said anything about a pirate chest anyway?


Sarah crossed the bridge over the river and drove west until she came to he junction where she could head north on Indian River Boulevard to pick up US 1 north of town. She did just htat and picked up US 1 heading north after the little jog on fifty third.

She kept north un US 1 until Wabasso where she headed back across the river to take A1A north to the Sebastian Inlet. May as well enjoy the scenic route right? She always loved driving the stretch where the barrier island narrowed right down to almost nothing.

(6:59 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)


Well gentle reader, as you can see these Fulcrum evening scenes mixing with these Sarah morning scenes are going to be a bit of a problem until I do some editing magic but since you have so kindly tied up my inner editor for me, that will have to wait until the re-write, right?

(7:11 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

Well gentler reader, I am really pushing the time limit now. I need to finish getting ready and head on out to the do.

I am getting up to around eighteen hundred words now and my spreadsheet is still red. It would have been nice to see it turn green before leaving but that is not going to happen. We will just have to leave that until after the do.

(7:14 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

(11:19 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

Man oh man! Wow!

We were supposed to leave the do at about ten in thje pm and that would have put us home by ten fifteen or ten twenty at the latest. Instead, look at the time. This may be trouble.

Plus, I have been typing so much lately that I am having a bit of trouble with a bump forming on the back of my left hand. I have to give it a rest.

I can see getting to two thousand, but I am not sure I can see getting to green.


Fulcrum decidedto have a nice dinner using some of the money he had earned crewing and took himself back over to the place on the beach where he and Joshua had eaten lunch on that first day.

When he got there the place was full and the owner told him that it would be a while but that if he would wait on the verandah she would bring him a drink on the house and they could sit and talk until a table freed up. She wanted to know if anyone would be joining him for dinner and he told her that he would be eating alone tonight.

She went off to get him a drink and he wondered out to the verandah and found himself a comfortable adirondak chair with a view down the beach towards his dig.

There looked to be a party going on down there again tonight. Hopefully they would not go through the night but end at a decent time so he could try a little digging again tonight.

"Here you go," said the owner passing him his cuba libre and sitting down in the chair beside him, "do you know those people down the beach there?"

(11:42 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)


Some where in Alabama
There's a girl who knows my name
Though she's never met me
She don't like me
And that's a doggone shame

Cause she looks so good in sunshine
And she looks so good in rain
And though we've never met
You know I bet
She'd love me if she came

To know how much I'd love her
I'd cross mountains
And the rolling endless plains
I'd cross the widest oceans
And break the strongest chains


(11:58 pm Fri Nov 21, 2008)

And that's it.

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