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Bits N Pieces - A Disjointed Bahamian Novel - D25

(3:39 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

Well gentle reader, a little bit of searching for nano scramble fu and I found a bit of nano sed scremble fu that is good enough. I was looking for nano perl scramble fu but the sed fu will do.

A little bit of searching, testing, and naturally a little improving and look! It is now magically:

(3:53 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

It is so easy to burn time it is not funny. It doesn't take any kindling at all. Doesn't even need a spark really. You just sort of burn it and it is gone, normally doesn't even leave any temporal ashes.


(4:31 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

When Sarah woke up, Fuller was laready gone from the bed. She felt an instant of panic and then heard the TV on out in the front room.

She got up and went to the rest room and splashed some cold water on her face before going to speak to Fuller.

She found him sprawled out on the couch clicking away. His eyes were bloodshot and his hair was greasy and matted. "You OK Fuller?" she asked.

"I feel turble," he smiled back wanly, "I couldn't really sleep last night so I got up and came out here so I wouldn't bother you."

"Have you spent the whole night clicking?"

"Parts of it, but I watched a documentary on pirates for a couple of hours. That was interesting."

"The standard Blackbeard stuff?"

"No, it was more than that, went back way further and came right up to the present. I learned some things I hadn't known before. You know that the family sip sip says we have pirates in our line way back."

"You must have, you stole my heart that day on the boat didn't you?"

Fuller reached out his hand towards her, "Come here you sweet thing."

Sarah reached out and took his hand and he pulled her to the couch and down onto his lap, "I love you too much. I don't know what I would od without you."

"You had me worried there for a while. I thought I would have to do without you. I just sort of went into some numb zone. Don't you ever leave me like that again."

"I don't know what happened honey. I still can't really remember anything. I must have been somewhere but I don't know where."

(4:45 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)


Well gentle reader, I just validated and won! Fantastic! That feels good. It really felt like I was not going to pull through this year but with some sneaky tricks and some dogged determination, I pulled through. Not to try and reach at least sixty thousand words before the month is up.


She was an accident
Couldn't wait to happen
She splattered all my dreams
Right across the heavens
For everyone to see
The mess that she had made me


(5:10 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

"Do you think you are up to doing anything today?" asked Sarah.

"Well, I feel like death right now, but if I can catch a nap, I may feel up to something this afternoon. I probably should do something in the afternoon so I can break the cycle and maybe get some sleep tonight. I really don't want to sleep all day and be up again all night again."

"Well I was thinking maybe we could get together with the rest of the band at the club or over at Jaro's studio and work on some of our new material.


(5:26 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

Well gentle reader, I have just learned that there is band practice tonight so that will be cutting in to my writing time. Then I have also just learned that there has been a possible major computer issue someplace that may see me working long hours in the days ahead so it is a good thing I have just oficially won as the best laid plans and all that rot may be kicking in to high gear!


Fulcrum woke up on a porch he had slept on and went down to the shore to clean off and wake up. He had some trouble finding some fresh water to rinse the salt off but he ran in to a man washing his golf cart and asked for a quick hose down.

(5:31 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

(5:51 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

After drying off he went into town to see what he could see. He wanted to see if he could find someone to crew for and earn a little more money. He figured on hanging out here in Abaco for a few days to a few weeks before trying to make his way back to Harbour Island. If he could make it up north far enough he might be able to find something of another of his personal caches.

(5:57 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

Now we are in a big rush mode to try and get to a thousand words before I have to head out to band practice. How can I manage to manufacture enough words in a hurry? Perhaps I can place an order and have a bunch of loose words delivered. Then I will only have to concenttrate on arranging them. Will that prove to be an easier task than finding them in the first place?

I am not so sure abou that though. Because, at least when I manage to dredge them up from within, they come pre-ordered whereas, getting a jumble of words and having to try and sort them out onit proper sentences and paragraphs without any extra words left over might be a more difficult task. Perhaps I will do a little online experiment to test this in the days ahead.

In any case I am very close to a thousand right up in now and would like to thank your for your continued cooperation and encouragement.

(6:06 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

(10:07 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

Well, this is fun. I have been wasting time and I am not sure how I am going to get the rest of the words kicked out tonight. We shall try though.


When Fulcrum got into town, he walked past the gate to town and kept on past the restaurant and came o the point where the road took a sharp right at the little beach. He turned the corner and bumped in to a couple coming the other way.

"Fuller! I didn't know you and Sarah we over this way. When did you guys come in? Did you fly in?" said the woman.

"I just got here yesterday. Sarah didn't come. I came in on a boat from Harbour Island," replied Fulcrum.

"Oh!" the woman's face fell, "Too bad, it would have been nice for us to get together and do some boating. Is she coming up soon? How long are you here for?"

"Ah... I am not sure. I may be leaving today and heading further north. Sarah has no plans of coming over though."

"We may be going north later in the week, do you want to wait and go with us?"

"Ah... No... I am just bouncing around and seeing where the wind takes me. I don't really want to commit to much right now though, Listen I need to keep moving, nice to see you though."

"Well, good to see you too Fuller, tell Sarah we said hello when you get home. You guys need to come up and visit us in Orlando sometime."

"Will do, have a good day," said Fulcrum turning and walking away in the direction he had been heading.


(10:23 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)


Oh oh, was that Derxed calling him? He looked around to see if that couple could see him but thankfully they were out of sight.

"Fulcrum! Over here in the dinghy!"

He looked back the way he had come and sure enough, Derxed and Judy were in the dinghy rowing towards the shore.

This could be trouble. Could he safely ignore them? If he went back, would he be in sight of that couple? Would they wonder about the Fuller, Fulcrum situation?

He decided not to risk it and turned the corner and kept going.

He had only gone a block or so when Judy came jogging up behind him, "Fulcrum, didn't you hear us?"

"Oh, hey Judy, I though I heard something but I was singing and I didn't see anyone so I kept on. I thought you and Derxed were going to be gone by now."

"Yes, well, we were supposed to be on our way home, but we got a call from the kids saying that they were not going to be able to make it for Thanks Giving this year and so we decided to hang around down here instead. We called the charter company and they were able to let us have the yacht for another two weeks."

"That's nice. You were lucky I guess."

"Yes well, we would be even more lucky if you would agree to crew with us for a bit longer. We were very excited to see you there talking to that couple. You will say yes, won't you?"

(10:38 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

"I might say yes, where would we be going?"

"Well, we thought we might sail the cays north to at least Nunjack. We would like to leave before noon if that can work out for you."

"You know, I was thinking of heading north for a bit myself, this might be my lucky day too. Look, I would like to get something to eat and then I will have to go and grab my stuff. Where can I meet you and when?"

"Well, we are shopping for some supplies and I want to go and take a look at some of the local art so, how about two hours right back there where you were talking tot hat couple?"

"I think I could make that, I may be a half more though if that is OK."

(10:45 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

"Sure thing, see you then," said Judy turning and heading back the way they had come.

Fulcrum turned and began walking the way he had been going.

"Oh Fulcrum."

He turned.

"Yes Judy?"

"Who is Sarah?"


"OK then, we are not the kind to pry. See you in a few hours."


(10:51 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

Well, gentle reader, I may just manage to get there before too long. That would be really nice.

Too bad I don't think I have the gumption to try and get to three thousand tonight. It is interesting what I am learning about these people as I tell you about them gentle reader.


Look at me and tell me
What would I do without you
How could I begin to live
The rest of my life all alone

Look at me my darling
I need some reassuring
I need for you to promise me
Your heart will be my own


Hey hey hey hey hey....
What cha gonna do today....
Where ya gonna go
Who ya need to know
Wont cha tell me what to say


Summer's sorrow, came to me today,
Said to borrow, what I could not give away,
That tomorrow, would be another day,
And that sorrow, should not get in the way.

But I ain't livin my life like that
And she ain't welcome on my welcome mat
And now I've said it and that is that
Cause I ain't livin my life like that no more!

Summer's sorrow, whispered come and play,
I will show you, what almost got away,
Take a moment, and sit with me I pray
If I leave you, your world will turn to gray

But I ain't livin my life like that
Man I'm a removing my welcome mat
So like it or lump it but that is that
Cause I ain't livin my life like that no more!


She sits alone in the moonlight
With the sunshine in her hair
She sits alone in the moonlight
But you cannot find her there
She's got a new love lately
So she's crying in despair
She sits alone in the moonlight
With the sunshine in her hair


(11:05 pm Tue Nov 25, 2008)

Well, that is that for the night, I have to shut down. Later and good night.

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