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Bits N Pieces - A Disjointed Bahamian Novel - D26

(7:30 am Wed Nov 26, 2008)

You know I need you baby
More than ever
And I'll love you baby
Only forever
And my hugs and kisses
Can make it better
If your heart is broken
You need some tender


(3:58 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

Well now let me tell you a little something something gentle reader, the ideas are not coming to me in the day like in years past. Not in the night either. I used to get good spurts of words quite often but this year that has happened seldom if ever.

I need a break. Give me a break.

(3:58 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

Doesn't feel like it is coming, I guess I am going to have to try and force it.


Fuller, Sarah amd the rest of the band had gotten together at Jaro's studio and jammed for most of the night, just enjoying the music and the companionship. They were all friends for a long time now and lived a lot of their lives together even outside of the music side of things.

Sarah was still worried some at how Fuller was behaving, he seemed pale and weak somehow and his voice was a bit thin even. His playing lacked its usual punch. He was missing a lot of his rock and roll attitude and she missed it.

At least he seemed himself though, she had to keep reminding herself how important that small fact was to her.


(4:16 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

It is not working gentle reader. Help me please. All the thoughts in my mind that could go down on page have fled leaving ones of such low quality that even these jokers that have made it onto the page so far this year shine as diamonds by comparison. That should tell you a lot. Probably more than I want you to know about the internal state of my head if I really bothered to think things through but that's how things shake out right now in any case.

I fear that this may be another day of dashing down nothing at all of interest and nothing at all that furthers the acutal story (haha) any. Instead, I may be reduced to simple ranting and raving in your presence while you gentle forbear to knock me over the head with a stick.

But soft! Gentle reader, anst thou hast a clue stick in thy posession, please go bestow a strike to my head with said bat and impart said clues in my general direction.

(4:25 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

This is terrible, even the low quality thoughts do not want to flow. I would probably even be better off if this were the paralysis of analysis but it doesn't seem to be that. There seems to be no thoughts inside here that can be analysed in the first place.

Pretty close to five hundred now with nothing much said right?

(4:31 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)


(4:51 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)


He Matinka
What you tink bout dat
New brand plastic
And one old straw hat
Yous a stinka
An you much too slack
He Matinka
What you tink bout dat


Hey little girl with the party dress
I choose you over all the rest
Black pump shoes
And a leather vest
Fastest lips out in the west
You're the woman that I love best


Sarah woke up early after a late night of music and light partying. Her head hurt.

She slipped out of bed being careful not to wake Fuller and went to the rest room and splashed some cold water on her face before going to the kitchen and brewed a pot of tea and fried up a few pieces of bologna which she proceeded to eat with catsup mixed with ground garlic and black pepper. After that she poured out her tea into her favourite mug and added some cane sugar and soy milk. Then she sliced off two slices of bakery bread and popped them in the toaster before taking her first sip of sweet tea. Mmmm.

(5:02 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)


(6:04 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

Wow! An hour gone to no where.


Her toast popped up and she buttered it and spread some guava jam on it. She put the toast and tea on a teak tray and took the lot out into the back garden to a concrete table under the pidgeon plum tree.

As she sipped her tea, she noticed a small humming bird fly into the yard from the west. It went to a hibiscus bush and began feeding, its feathers shining in the morning sun.

She certainly seemed happy this morning. Or was it a he. Unless it was obvious, Sarah tended to reguard animals she encountered as females. She often wonderd if men thought of them as males and other women as females or was she unique in this trait?

Small birds in her yard always made her happy.

She began to eat one of her pieces of toast. She was famished this morning for some reason. Halfway through the first slice, a murder of crows appeared on the scene.

(6:13 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)


(6:34 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

Well, start making a tiny bit of headway and bram! Run right up on brakes!


The thing is thought Sarah as the crows came down on to the grass to hunt bugs, since these were not actual bona fide crows, but just what passed for crows locally, was this actually a murder of crows here in her back yard or was this a flock of crow wannabes as it were?

When she loked back, her hummingbird had moved on out of sight.

(6:42 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

(6:51 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)


Wow! another chunk gone to nowhere. What am I going to do gentle reader? Where shall I write from here? Shall I head for the hills? No high anough hills around here to do much good.

Sweet, that's the first thousand at least.


(7:53 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

Another hour gone! I can't handle this tonight. I have to get down to pumping out words again. Of whatever shoddy quality they may be and in whatever jumbled order they may come.

So I just wrote that all bold and brash like and what do I do? Immediately get up and go wandering off.

So, let's see, what would be an example of shoddy words in a jumbled order?

Fleet footed stumbled men green flops on the back dogs head tooth or flab. A then day cooled red before the never mast in effort effigy floating sea above bottom square round!

Him take flat stake before them hit head it with. She under turn big hit man on cloud and helper jaundice flap. Bad big little Pravatwong now before.

Like you sentence this reader gentle?

(8:00 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

Slow this method is reader mine. Puzzle this under mind mine moon mauve model mild mood man!

An avid avian aardvark avoids aves and all arawak art.

Be better before being bored boys buying bagels, buns, bunk by band bugs.

That is quite hard actually what? So, here is what you do gentle reader. You take two ripe tamarinds and you take off the hard outer shell, is it called a shell, I am not sure, in any case, you take it off and get at the tart brown goodness within. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

At this point, you can just bite off a portion of the pod's contents. It is recommended that you bite off an even number of seeds, trying to bite one of the hard seeds in half may prove difficult and might pose a danger to your peggers. Hold at the tree end of the fruit and pull as you bite. The strings should stay attached to the tree end, making your eating job easier and more pleasant.

(8:10 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

(8:23 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)


(8:32 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

You know gentle reader, when I can actually figure out something for any of my characters to get up to, the writing seems to go fairly well to well and the words count climbs in a satisfying manner.

But then you hit stretches where no ideas will come and you have to force yourself to write who knows what. Boring yourself and your poor gentle reader. (Now if that is not confusing enough gentle reader, you let me know and I can try to mystify it further for you.) And then, being bored, further writing becomes even more difficult. A downward spiral of agony.

(8:38 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

I sure hope I am near the bottom at this point for the night. I need to try and move up somehow...


Four and twenty black birds baked in a pie thought Sarah. Oops, that reminded her, she needed to bake a pie today for the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Fuller wandered out int othe yard and sat down next to her with a beer in his hand.

"Fuller! What are you doing? You know you can't affird to get into drinking again. And in the monrning? Are you crazy!"

Fuller's face hardened, "I don't need this foolishness now Sarah!I need something to drink Nothing else seems to be helping me feel right."

"Honey! Drinking again will not help things. This will only lead to trouble! Give me that now please!" she said, reaching out to grab the bottle by the neck.

She had a hold of it by the neck and was pulling it away from him when she saw his face get angry and he yanked it back, "Leave my beer alone why don't you? What is wrong with you? What majes you think you can just grab my stuff from me without asking?"

"Fuller! Stop this." she yelled, "Give me that thing. I will not let you wreck your life, our lives again. I need you too much. You can't do this."

"You don't run my life!" he spat and stormed off into the house. With his beer.

Sarah was stunned. What in the world had brought this on. She thought they were over this part of their life.


(9:04 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

Well, I see green gentle reader. But in the monthly cell, I am still in the red for the daily cell.

Mini woot!

(9:06 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

(9:41 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

And another chunk flies away.


She screamed a scream of frustration and went in to the house behind Fuller.

"Fuller, I'm sorry I yelled but you can't do this."

There was no response. She went into the bedroom but he wasn't there. The bathroom? No. The living areas? No. The kitchen? No. Where was he? Then she noticed that the front door was ajar. What was he doing out front?

But he wasn't out front and then she noticed his bike was missing. What was wrong with him this morning? Drinking was bad enough, but taking his bike out on the road after drinking was another level a foolish on top of that.

What had come over him? How could he do this to them? When he had broken his habit the last time, and stayed sober for so long, she felt confident that he would not go back to his drunken ways again. But it looked like it might be starting again. And over what?

(9:50 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

She was not prepared to accept losing him again for a second time in a few short weeks.


Pixelated madness on a minor tube on a Tuesday, no a Wednesday.


She went in to the house and dialed his cell. No answer, just his voicemail, "Fuller, what are you doing. Come home! Fuller, come home please," she choked out, "I can't handle going through this again. You are going to kill yourself this time. If not on the bike this morning, with the drink soon enough. Why do you have to do this to us?" She slammed down the phone and the handset broke apart, the batter spilling out. "Stupid phone!"


Sweet! Green in the daily cell now gentle reader. Two thousand words pushed out for the day. Wow. Hard still. Very hard. I keep waiting for a string of easy days. Just one for astart would be nice. In any case, I am shutting things down for the night. I would like to get more done, but have no motivationn. I am drained.

Good night and sweet dreams gentle reader.

(10:01 pm Wed Nov 26, 2008)

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