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Bits N Pieces - A Disjointed Bahamian Novel - D24

(4:53 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

So, a late start and a bad attitude goin in. Shall we go down or up from here. Time will tell I guess gentle reader.


(5:22 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

Well, that wa a lot of novel house keeping and time wasting. What now? Who shall we check in on?

Perhaps I just need to ramble on for a bit gentle reader, pile up a few tens of words extra before getting down to business in earnest. Forget Vern there on the verge of vapid vermillion.

Can I ramble on with the best of them? Somehow I doubt it but you never know. I may need to join ramblers anonymous soon.


This girl was looking at me
She said hey there I say
So I just looked back at her
There was no other way

She said she liked the way
She saw I cut my jib
I said please stop your foolin
You really shouldn't fib

She said if I was Adam
Could I please spare a rib
I just winked and sighed
And drooled into my bib


Fulcrum spent the day in a foul mood. Feeling disjointed and with a splitting head ache that had lasted for more than a day now. And the sea sickness did not help any either. He had never been sea sick before in his life and this made him even more upset.


I need to let you in on a little secret I just found out gentle reader, Fuller has always suffered from sea sickness.


Fulcrum had been at sea since yesterday, crewing for the couple, Derxed and Judy from Colorado. They had been coming down to the Bahamas for many years and chartering bare boat out of Marsh Harbour. They asked him to crew for them on the return passage to Abaco as Derxed had injured his back riding the waves on the north beach and they wanted the extra help aboard just in case.

(5:46 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

One the first day out, Derxed and Judy told Fulcrum how they had almost split up over Derxed's canceling their first planned bare boat charter trip to Abaco long ago but how they had worked it out and been coming down every year since.

Fulcrum could sense that there was something a bit strange about Derxed and that he exuded a shimmering sense of inner power that Fulcrum had never encountered before. He tried to pay close attention to see if he could figure it out but his headache kept getting in the way of his attention and his attempts to think.

(5:59 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

What was wrong with him? He didn't feel like he was all there.


(6:38 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

Well, the sloop finally reached Tope Town and they picked up a mooring in the harbour. Derxed paid off Fulcrum generously and asked him if he needed any help getting back to Harbour Island. Fulcrum thought he might hang around here for a while and see what he could see before heading back to Briland so he thanked Derxed but said no thanks and went below to pack his few things in an old canvas bag. When he came back up, Judy and derxed were in the middle of what looked to be a mildly heated discussion.

"Go on, give it to him," said Judy.

"Are you sure honey? It is our last copy and the one we have travelled with all these years," replied Derxed.

"Yes, I'm sure, he has been good to us, give it to him. Besides, I have a few copies on disk secreted here and there so I can print us up some new copies when we get home. Even before that if it turns out we really need a copy for some reason."

"OK then honey," said Derxed and then turned to face Fulcrum, "Hey Fulcrum, we have something we want to give you as a memento and a thank you. I think it may help you out with some of the problems you are having in life right now."

Fulcrum reached out his hand and took a battered plastic binder with a sticky rectangle on the front where a stick on label had worn off. The pages within protruded out beyond the plastic protection and where they did, they were worn, tattered and browned with dirt. He looked at the first page and in the upper right hand corner he read:

Zotzbrothers Stories - 1
And then centered:
Pizza & Pushups

"Thank you for everything guys," Fulcrum said, I am sorry I have been a pain this trip, I have just not felt like myself, my head is splitting and I don't feel like I am all here. I feel weak and confused."

"Well, you did your job well enough despite that and you were a big help, we could not have made it alone and we look forward to seeing you again sometime," said Judy.

Fulcrum thanked them again and pulled in the dinghy by the painter and went down the ladder followed by Judy. She rowed him in to the post office dock and then went back out to the sloop.


(6:52 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

(7:11 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

Ouch gentle reader, the time is slippery again. I mean, I have a mini decent total but it has been over two hours already and I am still under a thousand words for the day.

I was off trying to find a word scramble script for my official word count submission this year. There are things in here that I don't want anyone reading until I go in and rip things out after I hit my goal.

So far, no luck on the script count though. I may have to hack together a little something to do the job.

(7:14 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

(7:33 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

And now I am off doing some web searches and disk diving looking to help someone in #rivendell on freenode. I may waste some more time on that too when I really need to just jam out another thousand words in a hurry.

Nah, gotta end the search right? So I can write. Right?


Sarah spent the night on her couch with Fuller's head on her lap. He said that he did not feel like himself and that he had a splitting head ache but she was over joyed to have him back and to her, he certainly seemed like himself, unlike the days before he disappeared when he had not quite seemed himself.

She was worried though that he seemed unable to explain where he had been or what he had been doing.

(7:44 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

(8:23 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)


Well gentle reader, more time gone down that drain.


Here is something that caught Fulcrum's eye for some unknown reason...


Lemonade Nights

I want to walk your lemonade nights and leave the smiling fire to his dreams. To glide unbidden above the moonlit waves of deepest grief. Lonely circles bent out of shape by the heavy weight of time unfolded.

But can we touch the empty leagues? A vast expanse of hot misty heartaches moaning in the dark. Far above, the albatross glides in search of a telly and a formal bird.

Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. If only for the moment. If only you would briefly point the way. On a lonely night. In the middle of a barren ocean.

I want to meander through your lemonade glades and smell the pines that ride the breeze. To fathom the forms of your heart, the depths of your soul. Giddy rhombi jump and shout to the fizz of joyous sunlight.

Please turn off the transistor radio. Next Tuesday would be fine. Come ride the green leaf in the morning rain and dodge the logical bullets running wild in the wind.

Look and see all the purple days arranged neatly in their box, swimming gently with touch of verve and ginger in a sea of foam peanuts. What lovely golden thread desperately trying to become a beguiling bow.

I want to walk your lemonade Knights and leave the smiling fire to his dreams.


(8:23 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

Fulcrum found himself strangely touched by the piece. The nautical motifs speaking to him in surprising ways. Synapses firing along pathways seldom travelled.


Come the morning, Sarah had gently lifted his head and slipped off the couch without waking Fuller, laying his head back donw on a cuhsion.

She went to the kitchen and put on some coffee and cut a few slices of bakery bread to make a grilled cheese. She cut the sharp cheddar thick. She put the skillet on the stove and lit the burner. Butter on both sides of both slices of bread. Fry one side of one slice. Turn it over and put the cheese on the fried side and put down the first side of the second slice at the same time. Take up the second slice and rest the fried side down on the cheese and then turn the whole thing over to fry the last unfried side of bread. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm.


(8:47 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.

Gnu's Not Unix.


She poured out her coffee into her favourite mug and added some soy milk while the final side of the bread fried. Then she took up her sandwich and put it on a plate and carried her breakfast out onto the screened in porch with her notebook and turned it on before taking a bite of her grilled cheese. The melted cheese making several bridges from the receding bread to her mouth.

She took a first sip of her hot coffee and logged in to her account.

When her desktop came up, she opened the ice weasel and picked kompoz from her bookmark toolbar. She wanted to see if anyone had added any tracks to any of the projects she had in the works.

She was a bit bummed to see that nothing new was added to them in a week or so now but who was she to talk, she hadn't exactly been adding a lot of tracks lately herself now had she? But then she had a good excuse, didn't she?


(9:15 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

I got a song for you
Deep inside my heart
It's been growing there a long time
Do you think you'ld like to hear it
I could sing it from the start

I got a tune for you
A melody blue
It's been polished dear for your eyes
Do you think that you could bear it
You could maybe hum your part


(9:26 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

Now gentle reader, it really did take that long to write that little lyric snippet. No checking emails in the middle of it or anything like that. Eleven minutes of pure lyrical effort.

And I now see green. It is always nice when you finally see that red date turn to green. Now I need to push on and have the red number turn to green. That should happen fairly soon. I will try and remember to bring it to your attention when it happens tonight gentle reader.

Can I just put down a bit more foolishness and get it out of the way in a hurry so that I can ease up and try and push on to three thousand lovely words before midnight? Before eleven would be nice...

Well, I just checked and it has not happened yet but it is getting closer.



The suspense is killing you isn't it gentle reader?

So. Close. Now. Just. A. Few. More. Words!

Yes! that last word there ("words") put me right at two thousand for the day so far and the number turned green. And joy entered in.

(9:36 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

So now about three hundred more words to fifty thousand and about a thousand more to three thousand. So the next goal is fifty thousand for the month and then, if I can find the strenght, three thousand for the day.

(9:47 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

I got up for a little break, came back and did a little IM thing and suddenly a switch seemed to turn off in my brain and I have no more desire to write tonight. How ill I make myself continue? I want to do other things.

Well, truth be told, I want to do a lot of nothing. Well. And the thing is, I need more practice doing nothing these days. I may be getting rusty. My nothing doing skills may be fading. And no matter how much I try, I can't seem to do anything about it!

(9:51 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

(10:05 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

Step into my parlour said the spider to the fly
You will not regret it until the day you die
If you want to learn the secret of happiness
Step into my parlour and watch the truth undress

I can tell you tales of magic and delight
Weave my web of rhymes upon a summer's night
If you want to capture your lover's heart and soon
Step into my parlour beneath the bright full moon

Step into my parlour and meet a little miss
You can test her tuffet I know you can't resist
If you want to sample some special meringue pie
Step into my parlour said the spider to the fly
You will not regret it until the day you die
You will not regret it until the day you die


Just a few more to get to fifty thousand and then I am done for the night gentle reader. I don't think I can find another seven hundred words or so in me tonight in any kind of time fram I would be happy with.

But I am over fifty now and am a little happy at least. Woot!

(10:10 pm Mon Nov 24, 2008)

Done and good night!

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